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#  $Id$
# IsaMakefile for Pure Isabelle
# The Pure part is common to all systems. Object-logics (like FOL)
# are loaded on top of it.


FILES = ML-Systems/polyml.ML ML-Systems/smlnj-0.93.ML ML-Systems/smlnj-1.09.ML \
	ROOT.ML Syntax/ROOT.ML Syntax/ast.ML Syntax/lexicon.ML Syntax/mixfix.ML \
	Syntax/parser.ML Syntax/pretty.ML Syntax/printer.ML \
	Syntax/symbol_font.ML Syntax/syn_ext.ML Syntax/syn_trans.ML \
	Syntax/syntax.ML Syntax/token_trans.ML Syntax/type_ext.ML Thy/ROOT.ML\
	Thy/symbol_input.ML Thy/thm_database.ML Thy/thy_parse.ML Thy/thy_read.ML \
	Thy/thy_scan.ML Thy/thy_syn.ML Thy/thy_info.ML Thy/browser_info.ML \
        axclass.ML basis.ML data.ML deriv.ML display.ML drule.ML envir.ML goals.ML \
	install_pp.ML library.ML logic.ML net.ML name_space.ML pattern.ML \
	search.ML section_utils.ML sequence.ML sign.ML sorts.ML symtab.ML tactic.ML \
	tctical.ML term.ML theory.ML thm.ML type.ML type_infer.ML unify.ML

Pure: $(FILES)

	@./mk -r

test: Pure