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first draft of Springer book

%% $Id$
%%% \includeonly{thm}
%%% to index ids: \[\\tt \([a-zA-Z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9_'.]*\)    [\\ttindexbold{\1}
%%% to delete old ones:  \\indexbold{\*[^}]*}
%% run    sedindex ref    to prepare index file
%%% needs chapter on Provers/typedsimp.ML?
\title{The Isabelle Reference Manual}

\author{{\em Lawrence C. Paulson}\thanks
{Tobias Nipkow, of T. U. Munich, wrote Chapter~8 and part of Chapter~6.
 Carsten Clasohm also contributed to Chapter~6.
 Sara Kalvala and Markus Wenzel suggested changes and corrections.
 The research has been funded by the SERC (grants GR/G53279, GR/H40570)
  and by ESPRIT project 6453: Types.} 
        Computer Laboratory \\ University of Cambridge \\[2ex]
        {\small{\em Electronic mail\/}: {\tt}} \\[3cm]
    {\small Copyright \copyright{} \number\year{} by Lawrence C. Paulson}


\setcounter{secnumdepth}{1} \setcounter{tocdepth}{2}

\binperiod     %%%treat . like a binary operator

\index{definitions|see{rewriting, meta-level}}

\pagenumbering{roman} \tableofcontents \clearfirst


%%seealso's must be last so that they appear last in the index entries
\index{rewriting!meta-level|seealso{tactics, theorems}}

  \bibliographystyle{plain} \small\raggedright\frenchspacing