2011-05-27 blanchet 2011-05-27 handle non-auto try case gracefully in Solve Direct
2011-05-27 blanchet 2011-05-27 prioritize try and auto try's tools, with fast ones first, with a slight preference for provers vs. counterexample generators
2011-05-27 blanchet 2011-05-27 added "try" command, to launch Solve Direct, Quickcheck, Nitpick, Sledgehammer, and Try Methods
2011-05-27 blanchet 2011-05-27 renamed "Auto_Tools" "Try"
2010-12-03 blanchet 2010-12-03 run synchronous Auto Tools in parallel
2010-10-25 wenzelm 2010-10-25 renamed Output.priority to Output.urgent_message to emphasize its special role more clearly;
2010-10-25 wenzelm 2010-10-25 export main ML entry by default; observe elisp format for preferences; clarified command setup;
2010-10-25 wenzelm 2010-10-25 observe Isabelle/ML coding standards;
2010-10-25 blanchet 2010-10-25 introduced manual version of "Auto Solve" as "solve_direct"