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Fri, 19 Dec 1997 12:09:58 +0100
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--- a/lib/Tools/makeall	Fri Dec 19 12:09:08 1997 +0100
+++ b/lib/Tools/makeall	Fri Dec 19 12:09:58 1997 +0100
@@ -2,181 +2,42 @@
 # $Id$
-# DESCRIPTION: make all Isabelle systems afresh
-#  - remove this tool (!?)
-#  - clean
-#  - usage
-#  - getopts (i.e. *short* options) (?)
-# Creates gzipped log files called makeNNNN.log.gz on each subdirectory and
-# displays the last few lines of these files -- this indicates whether
-# the make failed (whether it terminated due to an error)
-# switches are
-#     -noforce	don't delete old databases/images first
-#     -clean	delete databases/images after use (leaving Pure)
-#     -notest	make databases/images w/o running the examples
-#     -noexec	don't execute, just check settings and IsaMakefiles
+# DESCRIPTION: apply make utility to all logics
-set -e			#fail immediately upon errors
+## global settings
-# process command line switches
-for A in $*
-	case $A in
-	-clean) CLEAN="on" ;;
-	-noforce) FORCE="off" ;;
-	-notest) TEST="" ;;
-	-noexec) EXEC="off"
-                 NO="-n" ;;
-	*)	echo "Bad flag for makeall: $A"
-		echo "Usage: makeall [-noforce] [-clean] [-notest] [-noexec]"
-		exit ;;
-	esac
-echo Started at `date`
-echo Source=`pwd`
-echo Destination=$ISABELLE_OUTPUT
-echo force=$FORCE '    ' clean=$CLEAN '    '
-echo Compiler=$ML_SYSTEM
-echo Running on `hostname`
-echo Log files will be called make$$.log.gz
-case $TEST in
-  test) echo; echo '		**** Full test: WILL TAKE MANY HOURS ****'
-        echo '		**** Consider the -notest switch ****'
+## diagnostics
-case $FORCE.$EXEC in
-  on.on) (cd $ISABELLE_OUTPUT;
-          for f in Pure FOL ZF CCL LCF CTT Sequents HOL HOLCF Cube FOLP IOA TLA
-	  do 
-	   rm -f $f
-	  done)
-set +e			#no longer fail upon errors -- e.g. if a make fails
+PRG=$(basename $0)
-echo '*****Pure Isabelle*****'
-( cd Pure; $ISATOOL make $NO > make$$.log )
-tail Pure/make$$.log
-gzip Pure/make$$.log
-echo '*****First-Order Logic (FOL)*****'
-(cd FOL; $ISATOOL make $NO $TEST > make$$.log)
-tail FOL/make$$.log
-gzip FOL/make$$.log
-#cannot delete FOL yet... it is needed for ZF, CCL and LCF!
+function usage()
+  echo
+  echo "Usage: $PRG [ARGS ...]"
+  echo
+  echo "  Apply isatool make to all logics (passing ARGS)."
+  echo
+  exit 1
-echo '*****Set theory (ZF)*****'
-(cd ZF; $ISATOOL make $NO $TEST > make$$.log)
-tail ZF/make$$.log
-gzip ZF/make$$.log
-case $CLEAN.$EXEC in
-    on.on)	rm -f $ISABELLE_OUTPUT/ZF
-echo '*****Classical Computational Logic (CCL)*****'
-(cd CCL; $ISATOOL make $NO $TEST > make$$.log)
-tail CCL/make$$.log
-gzip CCL/make$$.log
-case $CLEAN.$EXEC in
-    on.on)	rm -f $ISABELLE_OUTPUT/CCL
-echo '*****Domain Theory (LCF)*****'
-(cd LCF; $ISATOOL make $NO $TEST > make$$.log)
-tail LCF/make$$.log
-gzip LCF/make$$.log
-case $CLEAN.$EXEC in
+## main
+[ "$1" = "-?" ] && usage
-echo '*****Constructive Type Theory (CTT)*****'
-(cd CTT; $ISATOOL make $NO $TEST > make$$.log)
-tail CTT/make$$.log
-gzip CTT/make$$.log
-case $CLEAN.$EXEC in
-    on.on)	rm -f $ISABELLE_OUTPUT/CTT
-echo '*****Sequent Calculi (Sequents)*****'
-(cd Sequents; $ISATOOL make $NO $TEST > make$$.log)
-tail Sequents/make$$.log
-gzip Sequents/make$$.log
-case $CLEAN.$EXEC in
-    on.on)	rm -f $ISABELLE_OUTPUT/Sequents
-echo '*****Higher-Order Logic (HOL)*****'
-(cd HOL; $ISATOOL make $NO $TEST > make$$.log)
-tail HOL/make$$.log
-gzip HOL/make$$.log
-#cannot delete HOL yet... it is needed for HOLCF!
+echo -n "Started at "; date
-echo '*****LCF in HOL (HOLCF)*****'
-(cd HOLCF; $ISATOOL make $NO $TEST > make$$.log)
-tail HOLCF/make$$.log
-gzip HOLCF/make$$.log
-case $CLEAN.$EXEC in
+for L in $ALL_LOGICS
+  ( cd $ISABELLE_HOME/src/$L; $ISATOOL make "$@" )
-echo '*****The Lambda-Cube (Cube)*****'
-(cd Cube; $ISATOOL make $NO $TEST > make$$.log)
-case $CLEAN.$EXEC in
-    on.on)	rm -f $ISABELLE_OUTPUT/Cube
-tail Cube/make$$.log 
-gzip Cube/make$$.log 
+echo -n "Finished at "; date
-echo '*****First-Order Logic with Proof Terms (FOLP)*****'
-(cd FOLP; $ISATOOL make $NO $TEST > make$$.log)
-case $CLEAN.$EXEC in
-    on.on)	rm -f $ISABELLE_OUTPUT/FOLP
-tail FOLP/make$$.log 
-gzip FOLP/make$$.log 
-case $TEST.$EXEC in
-    test.on)	echo
-	        echo '***** Now check the dates on the "test" files *****'
-        	ls -lrt FOL/test ZF/test CCL/test LCF/test CTT/test\
-              	        Sequents/test HOL/test HOLCF/test\
-                        Cube/test FOLP/test
-echo Finished at `date`
+ELAPSED=$($ISABELLE_HOME/lib/scripts/showtime $SECONDS)
+echo "$ELAPSED total elapsed time"