Added two paragraphs on "rules" method and code generator.
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Added two paragraphs on "rules" method and code generator.
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 text; the fixed correlation with particular command syntax has been
+* Pure: new method 'rules' is particularly well-suited for proof
+search in intuitionistic logic; a bit slower than 'blast' or 'fast',
+but often produces more compact proof terms with less detours;
 * Pure/Provers/classical: simplified integration with pure rule
 attributes and methods; the classical "intro?/elim?/dest?"
 declarations coincide with the pure ones; the "rule" method no longer
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   - internal definitions directly based on a light-weight abstract
     theory of product types over typedef rather than datatype;
+* HOL: generic code generator for generating executable ML code from
+specifications; specific support for HOL constructs such as inductive
+datatypes and sets, as well as recursive functions; can be invoked
+via 'generate_code' theory section;
 * HOL: canonical cases/induct rules for n-tuples (n = 3..7);
 * HOL: concrete setsum syntax "\<Sum>i:A. b" == "setsum (%i. b) A"