The package overview below refers to all individual bits and pieces for Isabelle2009-1, Poly/ML, Proof General, and various add-on tools. Some components require manual configuration, by editing etc/settings or etc/components, either within the Isabelle installation itself or the user's .isabelle directory.

Note that there are more convenient ways of installation.

Past releases are available from the archive.

Some internal repository version of Isabelle is also available (not for production use).

Isabelle2009-1 packages

Main distribution
Isabelle sources and documentation Isabelle2009-1.tar.gz 20.1 MB
Poly/ML sources and binaries polyml-5.3.0.tar.gz 18.8 MB
Proof General ProofGeneral- 1.9 MB
Add-on tools
E prover (for Sledgehammer) E-1.0-004.tar.gz 2.4 MB
SPASS (for Sledgehammer) spass-3.0.tar.gz 3.6 MB
Kodkodi (for Nitpick) kodkodi-1.2.7.tar.gz 2.0 MB
Haskabelle Haskabelle2009-1.tar.gz 0.2 MB

Precompiled logics


Logic images
HOL HOL_x86-linux.tar.gz 43.6 MB
HOL-Nominal HOL-Nominal_x86-linux.tar.gz 45.0 MB
HOLCF HOLCF_x86-linux.tar.gz 49.8 MB
ZF ZF_x86-linux.tar.gz 9.8 MB