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This is the community wiki for Isabelle.

Isabelle is developed at University of Cambridge (Larry Paulson), TU München (Tobias Nipkow), and Augsburg (Makarius Wenzel). Isabelle's maintainer is Makarius Wenzel.

Both sites employ numerous activities around Isabelle; for details, have a look at the local websites in Cambridge and Munich; there is also an (incomplete) list of past and present projects undertaken using Isabelle.

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Getting started

For getting started with Isabelle quickly:

Mailing Lists

Finding Answers for your Questions on StackOverflow

Several Isabelle community members are active on StackOverflow, a web platform where you can ask questions about concrete problems.

Tips and Tricks

Isabelle Extensions

Isabelle Development HOWTOs

Isabelle Administration HOWTOs

Collections of miscellaneous notes

Technical information for using this wiki is found in the user manual.