Working with the repository version of Isabelle

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Do not do this for real formalization work! Instead, use an official Isabelle release.

Users of repository versions become developers by definition and are exposed to the daily ups and downs of Isabelle development. In particular, intermediate repository versions are typically incompatible to everything else.

Moreover, there is no nice packaging, so you must assemble the pieces yourself (by following the steps outlined below).

Typical users of the repository version are Isabelle developers and AFP maintainers. Subscribing to the isabelle-dev mailing list is recommended.

Quick start

See file-isa:tip/README_REPOSITORY for instructions.

Producing and sharing changesets

See file-isa:tip/README_REPOSITORY for instructions.

Further topics

More advanced developers may want to work with multiple clones of the Isabelle repository and keep settings and heaps separate. See Multiple Isabelle and corresponding AFP repositories.