Theory Erdoes_Szekeres

(*   Title: HOL/ex/Erdős_Szekeres.thy
     Author: Lukas Bulwahn <>

section ‹The Erdös-Szekeres Theorem›

theory Erdoes_Szekeres
imports Main

lemma exists_set_with_max_card:
  assumes "finite S" "S  {}"
  shows "s  S. card s = Max (card ` S)"
  by (metis (mono_tags, lifting) Max_in assms finite_imageI imageE image_is_empty)

subsection ‹Definition of Monotonicity over a Carrier Set›

  "gen_mono_on f R S = (iS. jS. i  j  R (f i) (f j))"

lemma gen_mono_on_empty [simp]: "gen_mono_on f R {}"
  unfolding gen_mono_on_def by auto

lemma gen_mono_on_singleton [simp]: "reflp R  gen_mono_on f R {x}"
  unfolding gen_mono_on_def reflp_def by auto

lemma gen_mono_on_subset: "T  S  gen_mono_on f R S  gen_mono_on f R T"
  unfolding gen_mono_on_def by (simp add: subset_iff)

lemma not_gen_mono_on_subset: "T  S  ¬ gen_mono_on f R T  ¬ gen_mono_on f R S"
  unfolding gen_mono_on_def by blast

lemma [simp]:
  "reflp ((≤) :: 'a::order  _  bool)"
  "reflp ((≥) :: 'a::order  _  bool)"
  "transp ((≤) :: 'a::order  _  bool)"
  "transp ((≥) :: 'a::order  _  bool)"
unfolding reflp_def transp_def by auto

subsection ‹The Erdoes-Szekeres Theorem following Seidenberg's (1959) argument›

lemma Erdoes_Szekeres:
  fixes f :: "_  'a::linorder"
  shows "(S. S  {0..m * n}  card S = m + 1  gen_mono_on f (≤) S) 
         (S. S  {0..m * n}  card S = n + 1  gen_mono_on f (≥) S)"
proof (rule ccontr)
  let ?max_subseq = "λR k. Max (card ` {S. S  {0..k}  gen_mono_on f R S  k  S})"
  define phi where "phi k = (?max_subseq (≤) k, ?max_subseq (≥) k)" for k

  have one_member: "R k. reflp R  {k}  {S. S  {0..k}  gen_mono_on f R S  k  S}" by auto

    fix R
    assume reflp: "reflp (R :: 'a::linorder  _)"
    from one_member[OF this] have non_empty: "k. {S. S  {0..k}  gen_mono_on f R S  k  S}  {}" by force
    from one_member[OF reflp] have "k. card {k}  card ` {S. S  {0..k}  gen_mono_on f R S  k  S}" by blast
    from this have lower_bound: "k. k  m * n  ?max_subseq R k  1"
      by (auto intro!: Max_ge)

    fix b
    assume not_mono_at: "S. S  {0..m * n}  card S = b + 1  ¬ gen_mono_on f R S"

      fix S
      assume "S  {0..m * n}" "card S  b + 1"
      moreover from card S  b + 1 obtain T where "T  S  card T = Suc b"
        using obtain_subset_with_card_n by (metis Suc_eq_plus1)
      ultimately have "¬ gen_mono_on f R S" using not_mono_at by (auto dest: not_gen_mono_on_subset)
    from this have "S. S  {0..m * n}  gen_mono_on f R S  card S  b"
      by (metis Suc_eq_plus1 Suc_leI not_le)
    from this have "k. k  m * n  S. S  {0..k}  gen_mono_on f R S  card S  b"
      using order_trans by force
    from this non_empty have upper_bound: "k. k  m * n  ?max_subseq R k  b"
      by (auto intro: Max.boundedI)

    from upper_bound lower_bound have "k. k  m * n  1  ?max_subseq R k  ?max_subseq R k  b"
      by auto
  } note bounds = this

  assume contraposition: "¬ ?thesis"
  from contraposition bounds[of "(≤)" "m"] bounds[of "(≥)" "n"]
    have "k. k  m * n  1  ?max_subseq (≤) k  ?max_subseq (≤) k  m"
    and  "k. k  m * n  1  ?max_subseq (≥) k  ?max_subseq (≥) k  n"
    using reflp_def by simp+
  from this have "i  {0..m * n}. phi i  {1..m} × {1..n}"
    unfolding phi_def by auto
  from this have subseteq: "phi ` {0..m * n}  {1..m} × {1..n}" by blast
  have card_product: "card ({1..m} × {1..n}) = m * n" by (simp add: card_cartesian_product)
  have "finite ({1..m} × {1..n})" by blast
  from subseteq card_product this have card_le: "card (phi ` {0..m * n})  m * n" by (metis card_mono)

    fix i j
    assume "i < (j :: nat)"
      fix R
      assume R: "reflp (R :: 'a::linorder  _)" "transp R" "R (f i) (f j)"
      from one_member[OF reflp R, of "i"] have
        "S  {S. S  {0..i}  gen_mono_on f R S  i  S}. card S = ?max_subseq R i"
        by (intro exists_set_with_max_card) auto
      from this obtain S where S: "S  {0..i}  gen_mono_on f R S  i  S" "card S = ?max_subseq R i" by auto
      from S i < j finite_subset have "j  S" "finite S" "insert j S  {0..j}" by auto
      from S(1) R i < j this have "gen_mono_on f R (insert j S)"
        unfolding gen_mono_on_def reflp_def transp_def
        by (metis atLeastAtMost_iff insert_iff le_antisym subsetCE)
      from this have d: "insert j S  {S. S  {0..j}  gen_mono_on f R S  j  S}"
        using insert j S  {0..j} by blast
      from this j  S S(1) have "card (insert j S) 
        card ` {S. S  {0..j}  gen_mono_on f R S  j  S}  card S < card (insert j S)"
        by (auto intro!: imageI) (auto simp add: finite S)
      from this S(2) have "?max_subseq R i < ?max_subseq R j" by (auto intro!: Max_gr_iff [THEN iffD2])
    } note max_subseq_increase = this
    have "?max_subseq (≤) i < ?max_subseq (≤) j  ?max_subseq (≥) i < ?max_subseq (≥) j"
    proof (cases "f j  f i")
      case True
      from this max_subseq_increase[of "(≤)", simplified] show ?thesis by simp
      case False
      from this max_subseq_increase[of "(≥)", simplified] show ?thesis by simp
    from this have "phi i  phi j" using phi_def by auto
  from this have "inj phi" unfolding inj_on_def by (metis less_linear)
  from this have card_eq: "card (phi ` {0..m * n}) = m * n + 1" by (simp add: card_image inj_on_def)
  from card_le card_eq show False by simp