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 *** Pure ***
+* Attributes "where" and "of" allow an optional context of local
+variables ('for' declaration): these variables become schematic in the
+instantiated theorem.
 * More thorough check of proof context for goal statements and
 attributed fact expressions (concerning background theory, declared
 hyps).  Potential INCOMPATIBILITY, tools need to observe standard
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 *** ML ***
+* Proper context discipline for read_instantiate and instantiate_tac:
+variables that are meant to become schematic need to be given as
+fixed, and are generalized by the explicit context of local variables.
+This corresponds to Isar attributes "where" and "of" with 'for'
+declaration.  INCOMPATIBILITY, also due to potential change of indices
+of schematic variables.
 * Toplevel function "use" refers to raw ML bootstrap environment,
 without Isar context nor antiquotations.  Potential INCOMPATIBILITY.
 Note that 'ML_file' is the canonical command to load ML files into the