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For the purposes of the license agreement in the file COPYRIGHT, a
'contributor' is anybody who is listed in this file (CONTRIBUTORS) or who is
listed as an author in one of the source files of this Isabelle distribution.

Contributions to this Isabelle version

Contributions to Isabelle2024

* Αpril 2024: Manuel Eberl, Katharina Kreuzer
  Some material on finite fields and the characteristic of a ring in HOL,
  HOL-Computational_Algebra, and HOL-Number_Theory.
  Also a type constructor for the algebraic closure of a field.

* March 2024: Manuel Eberl
  Weierstraß Factorization Theorem in HOL-Complex_Analysis.

* March 2024: Ata Keskin
  Analysis lemmas drawn from the Martingales AFP entry.

* March 2024: Anthony Bordg, Manuel Eberl, Wenda Li, Larry Paulson
  New and more general definition of meromorphicity in HOL-Complex_Analysis.

* Feb/March 2024: Simon Wimmer
  Improvements to HOL-ex.Sketch_and_Explore.

* Feb/March 2024: Jonas Stahl
  Automatic translation of HOL functions into corresponding step-counting
  running-time functions.

* 2023/2024: Makarius Wenzel and Fabian Huch
  More robust and scalable support for distributed build clusters.

* October 2023: Fabian Huch
  Support for SMTP mailing in Isabelle/Scala.

Contributions to Isabelle2023

* August 2022 - July 2023: Hannah Lachnitt, Stanford and Mathias Fleury, UFR
  Start work toward reconstructing cvc5 proof in the SMT method. This
  is currently very experimental and is also changing on the cvc5 side.

* October 2022: Jeremy Sylvestre
  Lemmas for Fun and List.

* 2022/2023: Makarius Wenzel
  Support for interactive document preparation in PIDE, including demo
  documents for well-known LaTeX styles.

* March 2023 - June 2023: Makarius Wenzel
  ML heap usage and stored heap size has been significantly reduced;
  based on new command-line tool "isabelle profiling".

* 2023: Makarius Wenzel and Fabian Huch
  Support for distributed build clusters, based on SSH and PostgreSQL.

Contributions to Isabelle2022

* August 2022: Norbert Schirmer, Apple
  Record simproc that sorts update expressions.

* June 2022: Jan van Brügge, TU München
  Strict cardinality bounds for BNFs.

* April - August 2021: Denis Paluca and Fabian Huch, TU München
  Various improvements to Isabelle/VSCode.

* March 2021: Florian Haftmann, TU München
  More ambitious minimization of case expressions in generated code;
  code generation: type annotations in pattern bindings are printed in a
  way suitable for Scala 3.

* July 2022: Florian Haftmann, TU München and René Thiemann, UIBK
  Theory Code_Abstract_Char implements characters by target language
  integers, sacrificing pattern patching in exchange for dramatically
  increased performance for comparisions.

* November 2021, July - August 2022: Fabian Huch and Makarius Wenzel
  Improved HTML presentation.

Contributions to Isabelle2021-1

* September / October 2021: Jasmin Blanchette, Martin Desharnais,
    Mathias Fleury, Makarius Wenzel
  Upgrade of automatic theorem provers in Sledgehammer and the "smt" proof

* July - September 2021: Makarius Wenzel
  Significantly improved Isabelle/Haskell library.

* July - September 2021: Jasmin Blanchette, Martin Desharnais
  Various improvements to Sledgehammer.

* September 2021: Dominique Unruh
  New theory of infinite sums (theory HOL-Analysis.Infinite_Sum), ordering of
  complex numbers (theory HOL-Library.Complex_Order), and products of uniform
  spaces (theory HOL-Analysis.Product_Vector).

* August 2021: Fabian Huch, TU München
  Improved HTML presentation: links to formal entities.

* November 2020 / July 2021: Norbert Schirmer, Apple
  Various improvements and cleanup of session "HOL-Statespace".

* July 2021: Florian Haftmann
  Further consolidation of bit operations and word types.

* June 2021: Florian Haftmann
  More context situations susceptible to global_interpretation.

* March 2021: Lukas Stevens
  New order prover.

* March 2021: Florian Haftmann
  Dedicated session for combinatorics.

* March 2021: Simon Foster and Leo Freitas
  More symbol definitions for Z Notation: Isabelle fonts and LaTeX macros.

* February 2021: Manuel Eberl
  New material in sessions HOL-Analysis and HOL-Probability, most notably
  Hoeffding's inequality and the negative binomial distribution

* January 2021: Jakub Kądziołka
  Some lemmas for HOL-Computational_Algebra.

* January 2021: Martin Rasyzk
  Fast set operations for red-black trees.

Contributions to Isabelle2021

* January 2021: Manuel Eberl
  Characteristic of a semiring.

* January 2021: Manuel Eberl
  Algebraic integers in HOL-Computational_Algebra.

* December 2020: Stepan Holub
  Contributed lemmas for theory HOL.List.

* December 2020: Martin Desharnais
  Zipperposition 2.0 as external prover for Sledgehammer.

* December 2020: Walter Guttmann
  Extension of session HOL-Hoare with total correctness proof system.

* November / December 2020: Makarius Wenzel
  Improved HTML presentation and PDF document preparation, using mostly
  Isabelle/Scala instead of Isabelle/ML.

* November 2020: Stepan Holub
  Removed preconditions from lemma comm_append_are_replicate.

* November 2020: Florian Haftmann
  Bundle mixins for locale and class expressions.

* November 2020: Jakub Kądziołka
  Stronger lemmas about orders of group elements (generate_pow_card).

* October 2020: Jasmin Blanchette, Martin Desharnais, Mathias Fleury
  Support veriT as external prover in Sledgehammer.

* October 2020: Mathias Fleury
  Updated proof reconstruction for the SMT solver veriT in the smt method.

* October 2020: Jasmin Blanchette, Martin Desharnais
  Support E prover 2.5 as external prover in Sledgehammer.

* September 2020: Florian Haftmann
  Substantial reworking and modularization of Word library, with generic type

* August 2020: Makarius Wenzel
  Finally enable PIDE protocol for batch-builds, with various consequences of
  handling session build databases, Isabelle/Scala within Isabelle/ML etc.

* August 2020: Makarius Wenzel
  Improved monitoring of runtime statistics: ML GC progress and Java.

* July 2020: Martin Desharnais
  Update to Metis 2.4.

* June 2020: Makarius Wenzel
  Batch-builds via "isabelle build" allow to invoke Scala from ML.

* June 2020: Florian Haftmann
  Simproc defined_all for more aggressive substitution with variables
  from assumptions.

* May 2020: Makarius Wenzel
  Antiquotations for Isabelle systems programming, notably @{scala_function}
  and @{scala} to invoke Scala from ML.

* May 2020: Florian Haftmann
  Generic algebraically founded bit operations NOT, AND, OR, XOR.

Contributions to Isabelle2020

* February 2020: E. Gunther, M. Pagano and P. Sánchez Terraf
  Simplified, generalised version of ZF/Constructible.

* January 2020: LC Paulson
  The full finite Ramsey's theorem and elements of finite and infinite
  Ramsey theory.

* December 2019: Basil Fürer, Andreas Lochbihler, Joshua Schneider, Dmitriy
  Extension of lift_bnf to support quotient types.

* November 2019: Peter Zeller, TU Kaiserslautern
  Update of Isabelle/VSCode to WebviewPanel API.

* October..December 2019: Makarius Wenzel
  Isabelle/Phabrictor server setup, including Linux platform support in
  Isabelle/Scala. Client-side tool "isabelle hg_setup".

* October 2019: Maximilian Schäffeler
  Port of the HOL Light decision procedure for metric spaces.

* October 2019: Makarius Wenzel
  More scalable Isabelle dump and underlying headless PIDE session.

* August 2019: Makarius Wenzel
  Better support for proof terms in Isabelle/Pure, notably via method
  combinator SUBPROOFS (ML) and "subproofs" (Isar).

* July 2019: Alexander Krauss, Makarius Wenzel
  Minimal support for a soft-type system within the Isabelle logical

Contributions to Isabelle2019

* April 2019: LC Paulson
  Homology and supporting lemmas on topology and group theory

* April 2019: Paulo de Vilhena and Martin Baillon
  Group theory developments, esp. algebraic closure of a field

* February/March 2019: Makarius Wenzel
  Stateless management of export artifacts in the Isabelle/HOL code generator.

* February 2019: Manuel Eberl
  Exponentiation by squaring, used to implement "power" in monoid_mult and
  fast modular exponentiation.

* February 2019: Manuel Eberl
  Carmichael's function, primitive roots in residue rings, more properties of
  the order in residue rings.

* February 2019: Jeremy Sylvestre
  Formal Laurent Series and overhaul of Formal power series.

* January 2019: Florian Haftmann
  Clarified syntax and congruence rules for big operators on sets involving
  the image operator.

* January 2019: Florian Haftmann
  Renovation of code generation, particularly export into session data and
  proper strings and proper integers based on zarith for OCaml.

* January 2019: Andreas Lochbihler
  New implementation for case_of_simps based on Code_Lazy's pattern matching
  elimination algorithm.

* November/December 2018: Makarius Wenzel
  Support for Isabelle/Haskell applications of Isabelle/PIDE.

* August/September 2018: Makarius Wenzel
  Improvements of headless Isabelle/PIDE session and server, and systematic
  exports from theory documents.

* December 2018: Florian Haftmann
  Generic executable sorting algorithms based on executable comparators.

* October 2018: Mathias Fleury
  Proof reconstruction for the SMT solver veriT in the smt method.

Contributions to Isabelle2018

* July 2018: Manuel Eberl
  "real_asymp" proof method for automatic proofs of real limits, "Big-O"
  statements, etc.

* June 2018: Fabian Immler
  More tool support for HOL-Types_To_Sets.

* June 2018: Martin Baillon and Paulo Emílio de Vilhena
  A variety of contributions to HOL-Algebra.

* June 2018: Wenda Li
  New/strengthened results involving analysis, topology, etc.

* May/June 2018: Makarius Wenzel
  System infrastructure to export blobs as theory presentation, and to dump
  PIDE database content in batch mode.

* May 2018: Manuel Eberl
  Landau symbols and asymptotic equivalence (moved from the AFP).

* May 2018: Jose Divasón (Universidad de la Rioja),
  Jesús Aransay (Universidad de la Rioja), Johannes Hölzl (VU Amsterdam),
  Fabian Immler (TUM)
  Generalizations in the formalization of linear algebra.

* May 2018: Florian Haftmann
  Consolidation of string-like types in HOL.

* May 2018: Andreas Lochbihler (Digital Asset),
  Pascal Stoop (ETH Zurich)
  Code generation with lazy evaluation semantics.

* March 2018: Florian Haftmann
  Abstract bit operations push_bit, take_bit, drop_bit, alongside with an
  algebraic foundation for bit strings and word types in HOL-ex.

* March 2018: Viorel Preoteasa
  Generalisation of complete_distrib_lattice

* February 2018: Wenda Li
  A unified definition for the order of zeros and poles. Improved reasoning
  around non-essential singularities.

* January 2018: Sebastien Gouezel
  Various small additions to HOL-Analysis

* December 2017: Jan Gilcher, Andreas Lochbihler, Dmitriy Traytel
  A new conditional parametricity prover.

* October 2017: Alexander Maletzky
  Derivation of axiom "iff" in theory HOL.HOL from the other axioms.

Contributions to Isabelle2017

* September 2017: Lawrence Paulson
  HOL-Analysis, e.g. simplicial complexes, Jordan Curve Theorem.

* September 2017: Jasmin Blanchette
  Further integration of Nunchaku model finder.

* November 2016 - June 2017: Makarius Wenzel
  New Isabelle/VSCode, with underlying restructuring of Isabelle/PIDE.

* 2017: Makarius Wenzel
  Session-qualified theory names (theory imports and ROOT files).
  Prover IDE improvements.
  Support for SQL databases in Isabelle/Scala: SQLite and PostgreSQL.

* August 2017: Andreas Lochbihler, ETH Zurich
  type of unordered pairs (HOL-Library.Uprod)

* August 2017: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  HOL-Analysis: infinite products over natural numbers,
  infinite sums over arbitrary sets, connection between formal
  power series and analytic complex functions

* March 2017: Alasdair Armstrong, University of Sheffield and
  Simon Foster, University of York
  Fixed-point theory and Galois Connections in HOL-Algebra.

* February 2017: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Statically embedded computations implemented by generated code.

Contributions to Isabelle2016-1

* December 2016: Ondřej Kunčar, TUM
  Types_To_Sets: experimental extension of Higher-Order Logic to allow
  translation of types to sets.

* October 2016: Jasmin Blanchette
  Integration of Nunchaku model finder.

* October 2016: Jaime Mendizabal Roche, TUM
  Ported remaining theories of session Old_Number_Theory to the new
  Number_Theory and removed Old_Number_Theory.

* September 2016: Sascha Boehme
  Proof method "argo" based on SMT technology for a combination of
  quantifier-free propositional logic, equality and linear real arithmetic

* July 2016: Daniel Stuewe
  Height-size proofs in HOL-Data_Structures.

* July 2016: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  Algebraic foundation for primes; generalization from nat to general
  factorial rings.

* June 2016: Andreas Lochbihler, ETH Zurich
  Formalisation of discrete subprobability distributions.

* June 2016: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Improvements to code generation: optional timing measurements, more succint
  closures for static evaluation, less ambiguities concering Scala implicits.

* May 2016: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  Code generation for Probability Mass Functions.

* March 2016: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Abstract factorial rings with unique factorization.

* March 2016: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Reworking of the HOL char type as special case of a finite numeral type.

* March 2016: Andreas Lochbihler, ETH Zurich
  Reasoning support for monotonicity, continuity and admissibility in
  chain-complete partial orders.

* February - October 2016: Makarius Wenzel
  Prover IDE improvements.
  ML IDE improvements: bootstrap of Pure.
  Isar language consolidation.
  Notational modernization of HOL.
  Tight Poly/ML integration.
  More Isabelle/Scala system programming modules (e.g. SSH, Mercurial).

* Winter 2016: Jasmin Blanchette, Inria & LORIA & MPII, Aymeric Bouzy,
  Ecole polytechnique, Andreas Lochbihler, ETH Zurich, Andrei Popescu,
  Middlesex University, and Dmitriy Traytel, ETH Zurich
  'corec' command and friends.

* January 2016: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Abolition of compound operators INFIMUM and SUPREMUM for complete lattices.

Contributions to Isabelle2016

* Winter 2016: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  Support for real exponentiation ("powr") in the "approximation" method.
  (This was removed in Isabelle 2015 due to a changed definition of "powr".)

* Summer 2015 - Winter 2016: Lawrence C Paulson, Cambridge
  General, homology form of Cauchy's integral theorem and supporting material
  (ported from HOL Light).

* Winter 2015/16: Gerwin Klein, NICTA
  New print_record command.

* May - December 2015: Makarius Wenzel
  Prover IDE improvements.
  More Isar language elements.
  Document language refinements.
  Poly/ML debugger integration.
  Improved multi-platform and multi-architecture support.

* Winter 2015: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  The radius of convergence of power series and various summability tests.
  Harmonic numbers and the Euler-Mascheroni constant.
  The Generalised Binomial Theorem.
  The complex and real Gamma/log-Gamma/Digamma/Polygamma functions and their
  most important properties.

* Autumn 2015: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  Proper definition of division (with remainder) for formal power series;
  Euclidean Ring and GCD instance for formal power series.

* Autumn 2015: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Rewrite definitions for global interpretations and sublocale declarations.

* Autumn 2015: Andreas Lochbihler
  Bourbaki-Witt fixpoint theorem for increasing functions on chain-complete
  partial orders.

* Autumn 2015: Chaitanya Mangla, Lawrence C Paulson, and Manuel Eberl
  A large number of additional binomial identities.

* Summer 2015: Daniel Matichuk, NICTA and Makarius Wenzel
  Isar subgoal command for proof structure within unstructured proof scripts.

* Summer 2015: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Generic partial division in rings as inverse operation of multiplication.

* Summer 2015: Manuel Eberl and Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Type class hierarchy with common algebraic notions of integral (semi)domains
  like units, associated elements and normalization wrt. units.

* Summer 2015: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Fundamentals of abstract type class for factorial rings.

* Summer 2015: Julian Biendarra, TUM and Dmitriy Traytel, ETH Zurich
  Command to lift a BNF structure on the raw type to the abstract type for

* Summer 2014: Jeremy Avigad, Luke Serafin, CMU, and Johannes Hölzl, TUM
  Proof of the central limit theorem: includes weak convergence,
  characteristic functions, and Levy's uniqueness and continuity theorem.

Contributions to Isabelle2015

* 2014/2015: Daniel Matichuk, Toby Murray, NICTA and Makarius Wenzel
  The Eisbach proof method language and "match" method.

* Winter 2014 and Spring 2015: Ondrej Kuncar, TUM
  Extension of lift_definition to execute lifted functions that have as a
  return type a datatype containing a subtype.

* March 2015: Jasmin Blanchette, Inria & LORIA & MPII, Mathias Fleury, MPII,
  and Dmitriy Traytel, TUM
  More multiset theorems, syntax, and operations.

* December 2014: Johannes Hölzl, Manuel Eberl, Sudeep Kanav, TUM, and
  Jeremy Avigad, Luke Serafin, CMU
  Various integration theorems: mostly integration on intervals and

* September 2014: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Lexicographic order on functions and
  sum/product over function bodies.

* August 2014: Andreas Lochbihler, ETH Zurich
  Test infrastructure for executing generated code in target languages.

* August 2014: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  Generic euclidean algorithms for GCD et al.

Contributions to Isabelle2014

* July 2014: Thomas Sewell, NICTA
  Preserve equality hypotheses in "clarify" and friends. New
  "hypsubst_thin" method configuration option.

* Summer 2014: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Consolidation and generalization of facts concerning (abelian)
  semigroups and monoids, particularly products (resp. sums) on
  finite sets.

* Summer 2014: Mathias Fleury, ENS Rennes, and Albert Steckermeier, TUM
  Work on exotic automatic theorem provers for Sledgehammer (LEO-II,
  veriT, Waldmeister, etc.).

* June 2014: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Internal reorganisation of the local theory / named target stack.

* June 2014: Sudeep Kanav, TUM, Jeremy Avigad, CMU, and Johannes Hölzl, TUM
  Various properties of exponentially, Erlang, and normal distributed
  random variables.

* May 2014: Cezary Kaliszyk, University of Innsbruck, and
  Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  SML-based engines for MaSh.

* March 2014: René Thiemann
  Improved code generation for multisets.

* February 2014: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Permanent interpretation inside theory, locale and class targets
  with mixin definitions.

* Spring 2014: Lawrence C Paulson, Cambridge
  Theory Complex_Basic_Analysis. Tidying up Number_Theory vs Old_Number_Theory

* Winter 2013 and Spring 2014: Ondrej Kuncar, TUM
  Various improvements to Lifting/Transfer, integration with the BNF package.

* Winter 2013 and Spring 2014: Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Improvements of Isabelle/Scala and Isabelle/jEdit Prover IDE.

* Fall 2013 and Winter 2014: Martin Desharnais, Lorenz Panny,
  Dmitriy Traytel, and Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Various improvements to the BNF-based (co)datatype package,
  including a more polished "primcorec" command, optimizations, and
  integration in the "HOL" session.

* Winter/Spring 2014: Sascha Boehme, QAware GmbH, and
  Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  "SMT2" module and "smt2" proof method, based on SMT-LIB 2 and
  Z3 4.3.

* January 2014: Lars Hupel, TUM
  An improved, interactive simplifier trace with integration into the
  Isabelle/jEdit Prover IDE.

* December 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Consolidation of abstract interpretations concerning min and max.

* November 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Abolition of negative numeral literals in the logic.

Contributions to Isabelle2013-1

* September 2013: Lars Noschinski, TUM
  Conversion between function definitions as list of equations and
  case expressions in HOL.
  New library Simps_Case_Conv with commands case_of_simps,

* September 2013: Nik Sultana, University of Cambridge
  Improvements to HOL/TPTP parser and import facilities.

* September 2013: Johannes Hölzl and Dmitriy Traytel, TUM
  New "coinduction" method (residing in HOL-BNF) to avoid boilerplate.

* Summer 2013: Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Improvements of Isabelle/Scala and Isabelle/jEdit Prover IDE.

* Summer 2013: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  Generation of elimination rules in the function package.
  New command "fun_cases".

* Summer 2013: Christian Sternagel, JAIST
  Improved support for ad hoc overloading of constants, including
  documentation and examples.

* Spring and Summer 2013: Lorenz Panny, Dmitriy Traytel, and
  Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Various improvements to the BNF-based (co)datatype package, including
  "primrec_new" and "primcorec" commands and a compatibility layer.

* Spring and Summer 2013: Ondrej Kuncar, TUM
  Various improvements of Lifting and Transfer packages.

* Spring 2013: Brian Huffman, Galois Inc.
  Improvements of the Transfer package.

* Summer 2013: Daniel Kühlwein, ICIS, Radboud University Nijmegen
  Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Various improvements to MaSh, including a server mode.

* First half of 2013: Steffen Smolka, TUM
  Further improvements to Sledgehammer's Isar proof generator.

* May 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Ephemeral interpretation in local theories.

* May 2013: Lukas Bulwahn and Nicolai Schaffroth, TUM
  Spec_Check: A Quickcheck tool for Isabelle/ML.

* April 2013: Stefan Berghofer, secunet Security Networks AG
  Dmitriy Traytel, TUM
  Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Case translations as a separate check phase independent of the
  datatype package.

* March 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Reform of "big operators" on sets.

* March 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Algebraic locale hierarchy for orderings and (semi)lattices.

* February 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Reworking and consolidation of code generation for target language

* February 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Sieve of Eratosthenes.

Contributions to Isabelle2013

* 2012: Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Improvements of Isabelle/Scala and Isabelle/jEdit Prover IDE.

* Fall 2012: Daniel Kühlwein, ICIS, Radboud University Nijmegen
  Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Implemented Machine Learning for Sledgehammer (MaSh).

* Fall 2012: Steffen Smolka, TUM
  Various improvements to Sledgehammer's Isar proof generator,
  including a smart type annotation algorithm and proof shrinking.

* December 2012: Alessandro Coglio, Kestrel
  Contributions to HOL's Lattice library.

* November 2012: Fabian Immler, TUM
  "Symbols" dockable for Isabelle/jEdit.

* November 2012: Fabian Immler, TUM
  Proof of the Daniell-Kolmogorov theorem: the existence of the limit
  of projective families.

* October 2012: Andreas Lochbihler, KIT
  Efficient construction of red-black trees from sorted associative

* September 2012: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Lattice instances for type option.

* September 2012: Christian Sternagel, JAIST
  Consolidated HOL/Library (theories: Prefix_Order, Sublist, and
  Sublist_Order) w.r.t. prefixes, suffixes, and embedding on lists.

* August 2012: Dmitriy Traytel, Andrei Popescu, Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  New BNF-based (co)datatype package.

* August 2012: Andrei Popescu and Dmitriy Traytel, TUM
  Theories of ordinals and cardinals.

* July 2012: Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Advanced support for Isabelle sessions and build management, notably
  "isabelle build".

* June 2012: Felix Kuperjans, Lukas Bulwahn, TUM and Rafal Kolanski, NICTA
  Simproc for rewriting set comprehensions into pointfree expressions.

* May 2012: Andreas Lochbihler, KIT
  Theory of almost everywhere constant functions.

* 2010-2012: Markus Kaiser and Lukas Bulwahn, TUM
  Graphview in Scala/Swing.

Contributions to Isabelle2012

* April 2012: Johannes Hölzl, TUM
  Probability: Introduced type to represent measures instead of

* April 2012: Johannes Hölzl, Fabian Immler, TUM
  Float: Moved to Dyadic rationals to represent floating point numers.

* April 2012: Thomas Sewell, NICTA and
  2010: Sascha Boehme, TUM
  Theory HOL/Word/WordBitwise: logic/circuit expansion of bitvector

* March 2012: Christian Sternagel, JAIST
  Consolidated theory of relation composition.

* March 2012: Nik Sultana, University of Cambridge
  HOL/TPTP parser and import facilities.

* March 2012: Cezary Kaliszyk, University of Innsbruck and
  Alexander Krauss, QAware GmbH
  Faster and more scalable Import mechanism for HOL Light proofs.

* January 2012: Florian Haftmann, TUM, et al.
  (Re-)Introduction of the "set" type constructor.

* 2012: Ondrej Kuncar, TUM
  New package Lifting, various improvements and refinements to the
  Quotient package.

* 2011/2012: Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Various improvements to Sledgehammer, notably: tighter integration
  with SPASS, support for more provers (Alt-Ergo, iProver,

* 2011/2012: Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Various refinements of local theory infrastructure.
  Improvements of Isabelle/Scala layer and Isabelle/jEdit Prover IDE.

Contributions to Isabelle2011-1

* September 2011: Peter Gammie
  Theory HOL/Library/Saturated: numbers with saturated arithmetic.

* August 2011: Florian Haftmann, Johannes Hölzl and Lars Noschinski, TUM
  Refined theory on complete lattices.

* August 2011: Brian Huffman, Portland State University
  Miscellaneous cleanup of Complex_Main and Multivariate_Analysis.

* June 2011: Brian Huffman, Portland State University
  Proof method "countable_datatype" for theory Library/Countable.

* 2011: Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Various improvements to Sledgehammer, notably: use of sound
  translations, support for more provers (Waldmeister, LEO-II,
  Satallax). Further development of Nitpick and 'try' command.

* 2011: Andreas Lochbihler, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  Theory HOL/Library/Cset_Monad allows do notation for computable sets
  (cset) via the generic monad ad-hoc overloading facility.

* 2011: Johannes Hölzl, Armin Heller, TUM and
  Bogdan Grechuk, University of Edinburgh
  Theory HOL/Library/Extended_Reals: real numbers extended with plus
  and minus infinity.

* 2011: Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Various building blocks for Isabelle/Scala layer and Isabelle/jEdit
  Prover IDE.

Contributions to Isabelle2011

* January 2011: Stefan Berghofer, secunet Security Networks AG
  HOL-SPARK: an interactive prover back-end for SPARK.

* October 2010: Bogdan Grechuk, University of Edinburgh
  Extended convex analysis in Multivariate Analysis.

* October 2010: Dmitriy Traytel, TUM
  Coercive subtyping via subtype constraints.

* October 2010: Alexander Krauss, TUM
  Command partial_function for function definitions based on complete
  partial orders in HOL.

* September 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Refined concepts for evaluation, i.e., normalization of terms using
  different techniques.

* September 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Code generation for Scala.

* August 2010: Johannes Hoelzl, Armin Heller, and Robert Himmelmann, TUM
  Improved Probability theory in HOL.

* July 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Reworking and extension of the Imperative HOL framework.

* July 2010: Alexander Krauss, TUM and Christian Sternagel, University
    of Innsbruck
  Ad-hoc overloading. Generic do notation for monads.

Contributions to Isabelle2009-2

* 2009/2010: Stefan Berghofer, Alexander Krauss, and Andreas Schropp, TUM,
  Makarius Wenzel, TUM / LRI
  Elimination of type classes from proof terms.

* April 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Reorganization of abstract algebra type classes.

* April 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Code generation for data representations involving invariants;
  various collections avaiable in theories Fset, Dlist, RBT,
  Mapping and AssocList.

* March 2010: Sascha Boehme, TUM
  Efficient SHA1 library for Poly/ML.

* February 2010: Cezary Kaliszyk and Christian Urban, TUM
  Quotient type package for Isabelle/HOL.

Contributions to Isabelle2009-1

* November 2009, Brian Huffman, PSU
  New definitional domain package for HOLCF.

* November 2009: Robert Himmelmann, TUM
  Derivation and Brouwer's fixpoint theorem in Multivariate Analysis.

* November 2009: Stefan Berghofer and Lukas Bulwahn, TUM
  A tabled implementation of the reflexive transitive closure.

* November 2009: Lukas Bulwahn, TUM
  Predicate Compiler: a compiler for inductive predicates to
  equational specifications.

* November 2009: Sascha Boehme, TUM and Burkhart Wolff, LRI Paris
  HOL-Boogie: an interactive prover back-end for Boogie and VCC.

* October 2009: Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Nitpick: yet another counterexample generator for Isabelle/HOL.

* October 2009: Sascha Boehme, TUM
  Extension of SMT method: proof-reconstruction for the SMT solver Z3.

* October 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Refinement of parts of the HOL datatype package.

* October 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Generic term styles for term antiquotations.

* September 2009: Thomas Sewell, NICTA
  More efficient HOL/record implementation.

* September 2009: Sascha Boehme, TUM
  SMT method using external SMT solvers.

* September 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Refinement of sets and lattices.

* July 2009: Jeremy Avigad and Amine Chaieb
  New number theory.

* July 2009: Philipp Meyer, TUM
  HOL/Library/Sum_Of_Squares: functionality to call a remote csdp

* July 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  New quickcheck implementation using new code generator.

* July 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  HOL/Library/Fset: an explicit type of sets; finite sets ready to use
  for code generation.

* June 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  HOL/Library/Tree: search trees implementing mappings, ready to use
  for code generation.

* March 2009: Philipp Meyer, TUM
  Minimization tool for results from Sledgehammer.

Contributions to Isabelle2009

* March 2009: Robert Himmelmann, TUM and Amine Chaieb, University of
  Elementary topology in Euclidean space.

* March 2009: Johannes Hoelzl, TUM
  Method "approximation", which proves real valued inequalities by

* February 2009: Filip Maric, Univ. of Belgrade
  A Serbian theory.

* February 2009: Jasmin Christian Blanchette, TUM
  Misc cleanup of HOL/refute.

* February 2009: Timothy Bourke, NICTA
  New find_consts command.

* February 2009: Timothy Bourke, NICTA
  "solves" criterion for find_theorems and auto_solve option

* December 2008: Clemens Ballarin, TUM
  New locale implementation.

* December 2008: Armin Heller, TUM and Alexander Krauss, TUM
  Method "sizechange" for advanced termination proofs.

* November 2008: Timothy Bourke, NICTA
  Performance improvement (factor 50) for find_theorems.

* 2008: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Various extensions and restructurings in HOL, improvements
  in evaluation mechanisms, new module binding.ML for name bindings.

* October 2008: Fabian Immler, TUM
  ATP manager for Sledgehammer, based on ML threads instead of Posix
  processes.  Additional ATP wrappers, including remote SystemOnTPTP

* September 2008: Stefan Berghofer, TUM and Marc Bezem, Univ. Bergen
  Prover for coherent logic.

* August 2008: Fabian Immler, TUM
  Vampire wrapper script for remote SystemOnTPTP service.

Contributions to Isabelle2008

* 2007/2008:
  Alexander Krauss, TUM and Florian Haftmann, TUM and Stefan Berghofer, TUM
  HOL library improvements.

* 2007/2008: Brian Huffman, PSU
  HOLCF library improvements.

* 2007/2008: Stefan Berghofer, TUM
  HOL-Nominal package improvements.

* March 2008: Markus Reiter, TUM
  HOL/Library/RBT: red-black trees.

* February 2008: Alexander Krauss, TUM and Florian Haftmann, TUM and
  Lukas Bulwahn, TUM and John Matthews, Galois:
  HOL/Library/Imperative_HOL: Haskell-style imperative data structures
  for HOL.

* December 2007: Norbert Schirmer, Uni Saarbruecken
  Misc improvements of record package in HOL.

* December 2007: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Overloading and class instantiation target.

* December 2007: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  New version of primrec package for local theories.

* December 2007: Alexander Krauss, TUM
  Method "induction_scheme" in HOL.

* November 2007: Peter Lammich, Uni Muenster
  HOL-Lattice: some more lemmas.

Contributions to Isabelle2007

* October 2007: Norbert Schirmer, TUM / Uni Saarbruecken
  State Spaces: The Locale Way (in HOL).

* October 2007: Mark A. Hillebrand, DFKI
  Robust sub/superscripts in LaTeX document output.

* August 2007: Jeremy Dawson, NICTA and Paul Graunke, Galois and Brian
    Huffman, PSU and Gerwin Klein, NICTA and John Matthews, Galois
  HOL-Word: a library for fixed-size machine words in Isabelle.

* August 2007: Brian Huffman, PSU
  HOL/Library/Boolean_Algebra and HOL/Library/Numeral_Type.

* June 2007: Amine Chaieb, TUM
  Semiring normalization and Groebner Bases.
  Support for dense linear orders.

* June 2007: Joe Hurd, Oxford
  Metis theorem-prover.

* 2007: Kong W. Susanto, Cambridge
  HOL: Metis prover integration.

* 2007: Stefan Berghofer, TUM
  HOL: inductive predicates and sets.

* 2007: Norbert Schirmer, TUM
  HOL/record: misc improvements.

* 2006/2007: Alexander Krauss, TUM
  HOL: function package and related theories on termination.

* 2006/2007: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Pure: generic code generator framework.
  Pure: class package.
  HOL: theory reorganization, code generator setup.

* 2006/2007: Christian Urban, TUM and Stefan Berghofer, TUM and
    Julien Narboux, TUM
  HOL/Nominal package and related tools.

* November 2006: Lukas Bulwahn, TUM
  HOL: method "lexicographic_order" for function package.

* October 2006: Stefan Hohe, TUM
  HOL-Algebra: ideals and quotients over rings.

* August 2006: Amine Chaieb, TUM
  Experimental support for generic reflection and reification in HOL.

* July 2006: Rafal Kolanski, NICTA
  Hex (0xFF) and binary (0b1011) numerals.

* May 2006: Klaus Aehlig, LMU
  Command 'normal_form': normalization by evaluation.

* May 2006: Amine Chaieb, TUM
  HOL-Complex: Ferrante and Rackoff Algorithm for linear real

* February 2006: Benjamin Porter, NICTA
  HOL and HOL-Complex: generalised mean value theorem, continuum is
  not denumerable, harmonic and arithmetic series, and denumerability
  of rationals.

* October 2005: Martin Wildmoser, TUM
  Sketch for Isar 'guess' element.

Contributions to Isabelle2005

* September 2005: Lukas Bulwahn and Bernhard Haeupler, TUM
  HOL-Complex: Formalization of Taylor series.

* September 2005: Stephan Merz, Alwen Tiu, QSL Loria
  Components for SAT solver method using zChaff.

* September 2005: Ning Zhang and Christian Urban, LMU Munich
  A Chinese theory.

* September 2005: Bernhard Haeupler, TUM
  Method comm_ring for proving equalities in commutative rings.

* July/August 2005: Jeremy Avigad, Carnegie Mellon University
  Various improvements of the HOL and HOL-Complex library.

* July 2005: Florian Zuleger, Johannes Hoelzl, and Simon Funke, TUM
  Some structured proofs about completeness of real numbers.

* May 2005: Rafal Kolanski and Gerwin Klein, NICTA
  Improved retrieval of facts from theory/proof context.

* February 2005: Lucas Dixon, University of Edinburgh
  Improved subst method.

* 2005: Brian Huffman, OGI
  Various improvements of HOLCF.
  Some improvements of the HOL-Complex library.

* 2005: Claire Quigley and Jia Meng, University of Cambridge
  Some support for asynchronous communication with external provers

* 2005: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Contributions to document 'sugar'.
  Various ML combinators, notably linear functional transformations.
  Some cleanup of ML legacy.
  Additional antiquotations.
  Improved Isabelle web site.

* 2004/2005: David Aspinall, University of Edinburgh
  Various elements of XML and PGIP based communication with user
  interfaces (experimental).

* 2004/2005: Gerwin Klein, NICTA
  Contributions to document 'sugar'.
  Improved Isabelle web site.
  Improved HTML presentation of theories.

* 2004/2005: Clemens Ballarin, TUM
  Provers: tools for transitive relations and quasi orders.
  Improved version of locales, notably interpretation of locales.
  Improved version of HOL-Algebra.

* 2004/2005: Amine Chaieb, TUM
  Improved version of HOL presburger method.

* 2004/2005: Steven Obua, TUM
  Improved version of HOL/Import, support for HOL-Light.
  Improved version of HOL-Complex-Matrix.
  Pure/defs: more sophisticated checks on well-formedness of overloading.
  Pure/Tools: an experimental evaluator for lambda terms.

* 2004/2005: Norbert Schirmer, TUM
  Contributions to document 'sugar'.
  Improved version of HOL/record.

* 2004/2005: Sebastian Skalberg, TUM
  Improved version of HOL/Import.
  Some internal ML reorganizations.

* 2004/2005: Tjark Weber, TUM
  SAT solver method using zChaff.
  Improved version of HOL/refute.