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document new "total_consts" option
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 Specifies the default preconstruction setting to use. This can be overridden on
 a per-term basis using the \textit{preconstr}~\qty{term} option described above.
+Specifies whether constants occurring in the problem other than constructors can
+be assumed to be considered total for the representable values that approximate
+a datatype. This option is highly incomplete; it should be used only for
+problems that do not construct datatype values explicitly. Since this option is
+(in rare cases) unsound, counterexamples generated under these conditions are
+tagged as ``quasi genuine.''
 \opdefault{datatype\_sym\_break}{int}{\upshape 5}
 Specifies an upper bound on the number of datatypes for which Nitpick generates
 symmetry breaking predicates. Symmetry breaking can speed up the SAT solver