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 This is a fully formal proof of the Hahn-Banach Theorem. It closely follows
-the informal presentation given in the textbook \cite[{\S} 36]{Heuser:1986}.
+the informal presentation given in Heuser's textbook \cite[{\S} 36]{Heuser:1986}.
 Another formal proof of the same theorem has been done in Mizar
 \cite{Nowak:1993}.  A general overview of the relevance and history of the
-Hahn-Banach Theorem is given in \cite{Narici:1996}.
+Hahn-Banach Theorem is given by Narici and Beckenstein \cite{Narici:1996}.
 \medskip The document is structured as follows.  The first part contains
 definitions of basic notions of linear algebra: vector spaces, subspaces,