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 Author:     Olaf M&uuml;ller<BR>
 Copyright   1997 Technische Universit&auml;t M&uuml;nchen<P>
-The distribution contains:
-  <li> A semantic model of the meta theory of I/O automata including proofs for the refinement notion
-       and the compositionality of the model. For details see: <BR>
-       Olaf M&uuml;ller and Tobias Nipkow,
-       <A HREF="">Traces of I/O Automata in Isabelle/HOLCF</A>.
-In <i> TAPSOFT'97, Proc. of the 7th  International Joint Conference on Theory and Practice of Software Development </i>, LNCS 1224, 1997.<P>
-  <li> A proof of the Alternating Bit Protocol (ABP subdirectory) with unbounded buffers using 
-       a combination of Isabelle and a model checker. This case study is performed within the 
-       theory of IOA described above. For details see:<BR>
-Olaf M&uuml;ller and Tobias Nipkow,
-<A HREF="">Combining Model Checking and Deduction for I/O Automata  </A>.
-In <i> TACAS'95, Proc. of the 1st International Workshop on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems </i>, LNCS 1019, 1995.<P>
-   <li> A proof of a Network Transmission Protocol (NTP subdirectory) using the theory of IOA described above. For details see:<BR>
-        Tobias Nipkow, Konrad Slind.
-<A HREF=>
-I/O Automata in Isabelle/HOL</A>. In <i>Types for Proofs and Programs</i>,
-LNCS 996, 1995, 101-119.
+The distribution contains simulation relations, temporal logic, and an abstraction theory.
+Everything is based upon a domain-theoretic model of finite and infinite sequences. 
+For details see <A HREF="">IOA project</a>.