Misc development notes.
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Misc development notes.
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+Misc development notes
+- Netbeans config/Editors/Preferences/...-CustomPreferences.xml
+    <entry javaType="java.lang.Integer" name="caret-blink-rate" xml:space="preserve">
+        <value><![CDATA[0]]></value>
+    </entry>
+To run jedit with remote debugging enabled, I use the following
+command: "java
+-jar jedit.jar"
+where XXXX is any open port number you wish. The above invocation
+works for Sun's JDK 5.0.  There's an alternate incantation for earlier
+releases. (See
+Submitted by Daria Titova on Tuesday, 17 July, 2007 - 22:22
+Other Developer Topics
+Dear jEdit developers,
+I would like to let you now that we have recently ported jEdit 4.2
+environment into the NetBeans IDE.  You may wish to check it out:
+Now you can completely run, debug, and profile jEdit inside the
+NetBeans IDE, and have access to all nifty features NetBeans IDE
+provides to make developer's more productive and happy.
+I would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have about my project
+and any ideas on how to make it more useful for jEdit community.
+If you are new to NetBeans please go to http://www.netbeans.org for
+all information, tutorials and fun stuff.
+Daria Titova
+NetBeans Engineer.