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 Most theorem provers support a fixed logic, such as first-order or
 equational logic.  They bring sophisticated proof procedures to bear upon
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 These include first-order logic (intuitionistic and classical), the sequent
 calculus, higher-order logic, Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory~\cite{suppes72},
 a version of Constructive Type Theory~\cite{nordstrom90}, several modal
-logics, and a Logic for Computable Functions.  Several experimental logics
-are being developed, such as linear logic.
+logics, and a Logic for Computable Functions~\cite{paulson87}.  Several
+experimental logics are being developed, such as linear logic.
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-My electronic mail address is {\tt lcp\at}.  Please report any
-errors you find in this book and your problems or successes with Isabelle.
+The electronic distribution list {\tt isabelle-users\at}
+provides a forum for discussing problems and applications involving
+Isabelle.  To join, send me a message via {\tt lcp\at}.
+Please notify me of any errors you find in this book.
 Tobias Nipkow has made immense contributions to Isabelle, including the