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usedir: removed -m option;
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     -b           build mode (output heap image, using current dir)
     -i BOOL      generate theory browsing information,
                  i.e. HTML / graph data (default false)
-    -m BOOL      multi line output (default false)
     -r           reset session path
     -s NAME      override session NAME
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 Thus user sessions may easily link to existing Isabelle libraries already
 present on the WWW.
-\medskip Option \texttt{-m} controls multi-line mode of messages output as
-\texttt{usedir} proceeds.  By default, start and end of operation are printed
-on a single line.  One may specify \texttt{-m true} in case that printing of
-partial lines causes any problems, e.g.\ when doing parallel make.
 \medskip Any \texttt{usedir} session is named by some \emph{session
   identifier}. These accumulate, documenting the way sessions depend
 on others. For example, consider \texttt{Pure/FOL/ex}, which refers to