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 or the function type. In principle, it should be possible to support old-style
 datatypes as well, but the command does not support this yet (and there is
 currently no way to register old-style datatypes as new-style datatypes).
+\item The recursor produced for types that recurse through functions has a
+different signature than with the old package. This makes it impossible to use
+the old \keyw{primrec} command.
 An alternative to @{command datatype_new_compat} is to use the old package's
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 text {*
-The next example is not primitive recursive, but it can be defined easily using
-\keyw{fun}. The @{command datatype_new_compat} command is needed to register
-new-style datatypes for use with \keyw{fun} and \keyw{function}
+The next example is defined using \keyw{fun} to escape the syntactic
+restrictions imposed on primitive recursive functions. The
+@{command datatype_new_compat} command is needed to register new-style datatypes
+for use with \keyw{fun} and \keyw{function}