* Pure: localized 'lemmas', 'theorems', 'declare';
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* Pure: localized 'lemmas', 'theorems', 'declare';
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 attributes everywhere); operations on locales include merge and
 rename; e.g. see HOL/ex/Locales.thy;
+* Pure: the following commands have been ``localized'', supporting a
+target locale specification "(in name)": 'lemma', 'theorem',
+'corollary', 'lemmas', 'theorems', 'declare'; the results will be
+stored both within the locale and at the theory level (exported and
+qualified by the locale name);
 * Pure: theory goals now support ad-hoc contexts, which are discharged
 in the result, as in ``lemma (assumes A and B) K: A .''; syntax
 coincides with that of a locale body;