clarified NEWS concerning Library/Poly_Deriv
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clarified NEWS concerning Library/Poly_Deriv
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 support for monotonicity and continuity in chain-complete partial orders
 and about admissibility conditions for fixpoint inductions.
-* Session HOL-Library: theory Polynomial contains also derivation of
-polynomials but not gcd/lcm on polynomials over fields. This has been
-moved to a separate theory Library/Polynomial_GCD_euclidean.thy, to pave
-way for a possible future different type class instantiation for
-polynomials over factorial rings. INCOMPATIBILITY.
+* Session HOL-Library: theory Library/Polynomial contains also
+derivation of polynomials (formerly in Library/Poly_Deriv) but not
+gcd/lcm on polynomials over fields. This has been moved to a separate
+theory Library/Polynomial_GCD_euclidean.thy, to pave way for a possible
+future different type class instantiation for polynomials over factorial
 * Session HOL-Library: theory Sublist provides function "prefixes" with
 the following renaming