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 This volume is a self-contained introduction to interactive proof
-in higher-order logic (HOL), using the proof assistant Isabelle/HOL\@. 
+in higher-order logic (HOL), using the proof assistant Isabelle 2000. 
 Compared with existing Isabelle documentation,
 it provides a direct route into higher-order logic, which most people
 prefer these days. It bypasses first-order logic and minimizes
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 This tutorial owes a lot to the constant discussions with and the valuable
 feedback from the Isabelle group at Munich: Stefan Berghofer, Olaf
 M{\"u}ller, Wolfgang Naraschewski, David von Oheimb, Leonor Prensa Nieto,
-Cornelia Pusch, Norbert Schirmer, Martin Strecker and Markus Wenzel. Stephan
+Cornelia Pusch, Norbert Schirmer and Martin Strecker. Stephan
 Merz was also kind enough to read and comment on a draft version.  We
 received comments from Stefano Bistarelli, Gergely Buday and Tanja