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 *** General ***
+* improved browser info generation: better HTML markup (including
+colors), graph views in several sizes; isatool usedir now provides a
+proper interface for user theories (via -P option);
 * theory loader rewritten from scratch (may not be fully
 bug-compatible); old loadpath variable has been replaced by show_path,
-add_path, del_path, reset_path functions;
+add_path, del_path, reset_path functions; new operations such as
+update_thy, touch_thy, remove_thy (see also isatool doc ref);
 * in locales, the "assumes" and "defines" parts may be omitted if
@@ -54,6 +59,7 @@
 option -p DIR installs standalone binaries;
 * added ML_PLATFORM setting (useful for cross-platform installations);
+more robust handling of platform specific ML images for SML/NJ;
 * Isamode 2.6 requires patch to accomodate change of Isabelle font
 mode and goal output format:
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 * HOL/typedef: fixed type inference for representing set; type
 arguments now have to occur explicitly on the rhs as type constraints;
-* HOL/recdef (TFL) now requires theory Recdef;
+* HOL/recdef (TFL): requires theory Recdef; 'congs' syntax now expects
+comma separated list of theorem names rather than an ML expression;
 *** ZF ***