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 The typesetting relies on Wenzel's theory presentation tools.  An
 annotated source file is run, typesetting the theory
 % and any requested Isabelle responses
-in the form of a \TeX\ source file.  This book is
+in the form of a \LaTeX\ source file.  This book is
 derived almost entirely from output generated in this way.
+The end of Part~I explains how users may produce their own formal documents in
+the same manner.
 \hfootref{}{web site}
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 very little about Proof General, which has its own documentation.  In
 order to run Isabelle, you will need a Standard ML compiler.  We
 recommend \hfootref{}{Poly/ML}, which is free and
-gives the best performance.  The other supported compiler is
+gives the best performance.  The other fully supported compiler is
 ML of New Jersey}.