Complex, etc
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Complex, etc
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+* Algebra: contains a new formalization of group theory, using locales with
+implicit structures.  Also a new, experimental summation operator for
+abelian groups;
+* Complex: new directory of the complex numbers with numeric constants, nonstandard complex numbers, and some complex analysis, standard and nonstandard (Jacques Fleuriot);
+* GroupTheory: deleted, since its material has been moved to Algebra;
+* Hyperreal: introduced Gauge integration and hyperreal logarithms (Jacques Fleuriot);
 * Real/HahnBanach: updated and adapted to locales;
-* GroupTheory: converted to Isar theories, using locales with implicit
-structures.  Also a new, experimental summation operator for abelian groups;
 * NumberTheory: added Gauss's law of quadratic reciprocity (by Avigad, Gray and