ZF/ex/ROOT: changed "time_use" to "time_use_thy" to load CoUnit;
Mon, 15 Aug 1994 18:27:50 +0200
changeset 526 85d7ff169b9c
parent 525 e62519a8497d
child 527 35c70ab82940
ZF/ex/ROOT: changed "time_use" to "time_use_thy" to load CoUnit; removed some explicit loads by exploiting theory dependencies
--- a/src/ZF/ex/ROOT.ML	Mon Aug 15 18:25:27 1994 +0200
+++ b/src/ZF/ex/ROOT.ML	Mon Aug 15 18:27:50 1994 +0200
@@ -16,20 +16,16 @@
 time_use     "ex/misc.ML";
 time_use_thy "ex/Ramsey";
-(*Equivalence classes and integers*)
-time_use_thy "ex/Equiv";
-time_use_thy "ex/Integ";
-(*Binary integer arithmetic*)
-use          "ex/twos_compl.ML";
+(*Equivalence classes; integers; Binary integer arithmetic*)
 time_use_thy "ex/Bin";
 (** Datatypes **)
 time_use_thy "ex/BT";		(*binary trees*)
+time_use_thy "ex/Data";		(*Sample datatype*)
 time_use_thy "ex/Term";		(*terms: recursion over the list functor*)
 time_use_thy "ex/TF";		(*trees/forests: mutual recursion*)
 time_use_thy "ex/Ntree";	(*variable-branching trees; function demo*)
-time_use_thy "ex/Brouwer";	(*Brouwer ordinals: infinite-branching trees*)
-time_use_thy "ex/Data";		(*Sample datatype*)
+time_use_thy "ex/Brouwer";	(*Infinite-branching trees*)
 time_use_thy "ex/Enum";		(*Enormous enumeration type*)
 (** Inductive definitions **)
@@ -39,10 +35,10 @@
 time_use_thy "ex/ListN";
 time_use_thy "ex/Acc";
 time_use_thy "ex/Comb";		(*Combinatory Logic example*)
-time_use_thy "ex/Primrec";
+time_use_thy "ex/Primrec";	(*Primitive recursive functions*)
 (** CoDatatypes **)
 time_use_thy "ex/LList";
-time_use     "ex/CoUnit.ML";
+time_use_thy "ex/CoUnit";
 maketest"END: Root file for ZF Set Theory examples";