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new hfootref macro for Web links
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 derived almost entirely from output generated in this way.
-\href{}{web site}
+\hfootref{}{web site}
 contains links to the download area and to documentation and other
 information.  Most Isabelle sessions are now run from within David
 Aspinall's wonderful user interface,
-\href{}{Proof General}.  This book says
+\hfootref{}{Proof General}.  This book says
 very little about Proof General, which has its own documentation.  In
 order to run Isabelle, you will need a Standard ML compiler.  We
-recommend \href{}{Poly/ML}, which is free and
+recommend \hfootref{}{Poly/ML}, which is free and
 gives the best performance.  The other supported compiler is
 ML of New Jersey}.
 This tutorial owes a lot to the constant discussions with and the valuable
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 \message{pdfsetup.sty v0.1 11/7/2001}
 \@ifundefined{pdfoutput}{\message{No PDF output}%
-  \newcommand{\href}[2]{#2\footnote{#1}}}%
+  \newcommand{\hfootref}[2]{#2\footnote{#1}}}%
 {\message{Generating PDF output}%
               %no a4paper because overall style sets this (not for Springer!)
-  \gdef\fnote#1{\hyperpage{#1}n}
+  \newcommand{\hfootref}[2]{\href{#1}{#2}\footnote{#1}}%
+  \gdef\fnote#1{\hyperpage{#1}n}%