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expanded abbrevs
--- a/doc-src/manual.bib	Wed Mar 07 17:19:16 2001 +0100
+++ b/doc-src/manual.bib	Wed Mar 07 18:35:27 2001 +0100
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
 @string{AP="Academic Press"}
 @string{CUP="Cambridge University Press"}
 @string{IEEE="{\sc ieee} Computer Society Press"}
-@string{LNCS="Lect.\ Notes in Comp.\ Sci."}
+@string{LNCS="Lecture Notes in Computer Science"}
 @string{MIT="MIT Press"}
@@ -14,19 +14,19 @@
-@string{CUCL="Comp. Lab., Univ. Camb."}
-@string{Edinburgh="Dept. Comp. Sci., Univ. Edinburgh"}
+@string{CUCL="Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge"}
+@string{Edinburgh="Department of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh"}
 @string{AI="Artificial Intelligence"}
-@string{FAC="Formal Aspects Comput."}
-@string{JAR="J. Auto. Reas."}
-@string{JCS="J. Comput. Secur."}
-@string{JFP="J. Func. Prog."}
-@string{JLC="J. Logic and Comput."}
-@string{JLP="J. Logic Prog."}
-@string{JSC="J. Symb. Comput."}
-@string{JSL="J. Symb. Logic"}
+@string{FAC="Formal Aspects of Computing"}
+@string{JAR="Journal of Automated Reasoning"}
+@string{JCS="Journal of Computer Security"}
+@string{JFP="Journal of Functional Programming"}
+@string{JLC="Journal of Logic and Computation"}
+@string{JLP="Journal of Logic Programming"}
+@string{JSC="Journal of Symbolic Computation"}
+@string{JSL="Journal of Symbolic Logic"}
 @string{SIGPLAN="{SIGPLAN} Notices"}