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HOL/ex/Chinese.thy; PROOFGENERAL_OPTIONS: no longer prefer xemacs;
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 * Communication with Proof General is now 8bit clean, which means that
 Unicode text in UTF-8 encoding may be used within theory texts (both
 formal and informal parts).  Cf. option -U of the Isabelle Proof
-General interface; HOL/ex/Hebrew.thy provides a simple example.
+General interface; see HOL/ex/Hebrew.thy and HOL/ex/Chinese.thy for
+some simple examples.
 * Improved efficiency of the Simplifier and, to a lesser degree, the
 Classical Reasoner.  Typical big applications run around 2 times
+* ProofGeneral interface: the default settings no longer prefer xemacs
+over GNU emacs.  Users typically need to experiment with various
+variations on PROOFGENERAL_OPTIONS="... -p emacs" to find the most
+stable Emacs version on their platform.
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