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 The following ML system and platform combinations are known to work
 very well:
-<li> Poly/ML 3.x on Linux/x86 and Solaris/Sparc.
+<li> Poly/ML 4.x and 3.x on Linux/x86 and Solaris/Sparc.
 <li> SML/NJ 110.x on any Unix platform (Linux, Suns, SGI etc.).
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 <p> MLWorks is a commercial ML programming environment developed by <a
 href="http://www.harlequin.com/">Harlequin</a> and was unfortunately
 withdrawn after that company was taken over.  Isabelle on MLWorks 2.0
-works reasonably well.  It is about 20% faster than on SML/NJ while
-using slightly less memory and disk space.  A few features (e.g. ML
-top-level pretty printing) are not supported, though.
+works reasonably well.