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 <h2>Object logics</h2>
 The Isabelle distribution includes a large body of object logics and
-other examples (see the <a
-href="">Isabelle theory
+other examples (see the <a href="library/">Isabelle theory
-is a version of classical higher-order logic, similar to Gordon's HOL
-(it is related to Church's Simple Theory of Types).
+<dt><a href="library/HOL/"><strong>Isabelle/HOL</strong></a><dd>
+is a version of classical higher-order logic resembling that of the
+<A HREF="">HOL System</A>.
-adds a considerably amount of Scott's domain theory to HOL.
+<dt><a href="library/HOLCF/"><strong>Isabelle/HOLCF</strong></a><dd>
+adds Scott's Logic for Computable Functions (domain theory) to HOL.
-provides basic classical and intuitionistic first-order logic
+<dt><a href="library/FOL/"><strong>Isabelle/FOL</strong></a><dd>
+provides basic classical and intuitionistic first-order logic.
+It is polymorphic.
+<dt><a href="library/ZF/"><strong>Isabelle/ZF</strong></a><dd>
 offers a formulation of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory on top of FOL.
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 types, well-founded recursion etc.).  The distribution also includes
 some large applications, for example correctness proofs of
 cryptographic protocols (<a
 Isabelle/ZF provides another starting point for applications, with a
-slightly less developed library, though.  Its definitional packages
+slightly less developed library.  Its definitional packages
 are similar to those of Isabelle/HOL.  Untyped ZF provides more
 advanced constructions for sets than simply-typed HOL.
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 There are a few minor object logics that may serve as further
 examples: <a
-href="">CTT</a> is an
+href="library/CTT/">CTT</a> is an
 extensional version of Martin-L&ouml;f's Type Theory, <a
-href="">Cube</a> is
+href="library/Cube/">Cube</a> is
 Barendregt's Lambda Cube.  There are also some sequent calculus
 examples under <a
 including modal and linear logics.  Again see the <a
-href="">Isabelle theory
+href="library/">Isabelle theory
 library</a> for other examples.
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 <em>LCF system approach</em> to achieve a secure system).
+<H2>Mailing list</H2>
+<P>Use the mailing list 
+<A HREF="mailto:"></A> 
+to discuss problems and results.  
 <h2>Further information</h2>
-<a href=""><img
+<a href=""><img
 src="cambridge.gif" width=145 border=0 align=right
 alt="[Cambridge]"></a> <a
 src="munich.gif" width=48 border=0 align=right alt="[Munich]"></a> The
-local Isabelle pages at <a
+cambridge Isabelle pages at <a
 and <a href="">Munich</a>
 provide further information on Isabelle and related projects.