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Now mentions Coind
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 ZF Set Theory.  It is loaded upon FOL, not Pure Isabelle.  Important files
+Makefile -- compiles the files under Poly/ML or SML of New Jersey.  Can also
+run all the tests described below.
 ROOT.ML -- loads all source files.  Enter an ML image containing FOL and
 type: use "ROOT.ML";
-Makefile -- compiles the files under Poly/ML or SML of New Jersey
+Coind -- subdirectory containing a large example of proof by co-induction,
+originally due to Robin Milner and Mads Tofte.  To execute, enter an ML image
+containing ZF and type:   use "Coind/ROOT.ML";
 IMP -- subdirectory containing a semantics equivalence proof between
 operational and denotational definitions of a simple programming language.
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 	Kenneth Kunen
 	Set Theory: An Introduction to Independence Proofs
 	(North-Holland, 1980)