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 <H1>Auth--The Inductive Approach to Verifying Security Protocols</H1>
 <P>Cryptographic protocols are of major importance, especially with the
-growing use of the Internet.  This directory demonstrates a new proof method,
-which is described in <A
+growing use of the Internet.  This directory demonstrates the ``inductive
+method'' of protocol verification, which is described in <A
 papers</A>.  The operational semantics of protocol participants is defined
 <P>This directory contains proofs concerning
 <LI>three versions of the Otway-Rees protocol
-<LI>the Needham-Schroeder protocol (public-key and shared-key versions)
+<LI>the Needham-Schroeder shared-key protocol
+<LI>the Needham-Schroeder public-key protocol (original and with Lowe's
 <LI>two versions of Kerberos: the simplified form published in the BAN paper
 	and also the full protocol (Kerberos IV)
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 <LI>a novel recursive authentication protocol 
 <LI>the Internet protocol TLS
+<LI>The certified e-mail protocol of Abadi et al.
+<P>Subdirectory <A HREF="Guard/">Guard</A> develops a theory of guardedness, by
+Frederic Blanqui, and includes proofs of some roving agent protocols.
-<P>Last modified 20 August 2002
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